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Big Data: The IT Fumble

If you read my blog, True data about big data, in which I proposed that Zero Dark Thirty’s lead character, Maya was a near perfect example of a data scientist, you’ll understand today’s blog title. The unstated subtext of that blog was that it’s unwise to turn big data over to the IT group. Sure, you’ll […]

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Getting The Most From Training (Free to Distribute)

Going To Training? Some Hints by Robert Bacal Editor’s Note: In this article Robert Bacal provides some practical hints, tips and steps that learners and training participants can take before, during and after training seminars to get the most from attending training and training seminars. This article is free to distribute to your staff, or […]

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Text, Tweet o–Email? Try Prairie-Dogging.

It’s become a recurring storyline for newspapers, magazines, tv and the web. Joe, for example, was a leading candidate for a good position in a hot firm. Before the final recommendation the recruiting firm checked out his use of social media. There was no badmouthing of his current firm. But a 20-something, Joe had sent one “harmless” picture […]

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