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Six Resources on Creativity

Innovation and creativity, everyone says, is key to our nation’s success in the marketplace. While working through some new stuff on creativity and innovation, I stumbled, once more, across Robert Sternberg and Todd Lubart’s analysis of the resources for creativity. It has the intriguing title, Buy Low and Sell High: An Investment Approach to Creativity. […]

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Thinking Ain’t Everything

“Many people would sooner die than think. In fact they do.”                 –Bertrand Russell “Why is talent getting harder to find?” Just a few months ago, one of my long term clients, a managing architect, asked that very question. He’d been through the experience over the past two years of hiring 3 new architects, only […]

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Let Go of the Banana

Snopes says it’s an urban legend. But just a few days ago, there it was again, the story of how to catch a monkey. In the most recent version (in a great blog entry by international business consultant Aad Boot), the monkey hunters put an apple in a jar that has a narrow neck. The […]

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