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Six Resources on Creativity

Innovation and creativity, everyone says, is key to our nation’s success in the marketplace. While working through some new stuff on creativity and innovation, I stumbled, once more, across Robert Sternberg and Todd Lubart’s analysis of the resources for creativity. It has the intriguing title, Buy Low and Sell High: An Investment Approach to Creativity. […]

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‘The Fifth Estate’: Authoritarian Leadership and Collateral Damage

Cumberbatch Bill Condon’s new movie thriller, The Fifth Estate, has been reviewed as a study of technology and ethics. The thriller about the rise of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange initially moves rather slowly, explaining the internet to its audience. But thirty minutes into the movie, the ethical questions surface with the NYTimes’ Bill Keller, the […]

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Let Your Employees Show You How to Re-recruit Them

Previously successful business models no longer apply in today’s world.  Business used to be completed effectively in a command and control hierarchy, one where there was a leader who was in control and a group of followers who took direction.  Now the successful business model is based more on connecting and collaborating.  As I’ve stated […]

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