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Urgency, Agility, Fail Fast, and More Cowbell!

I have been kind of busy lately.

I have massive day job projects I am chasing. I am doing some consulting on the side. I have been all over the place in the new media space. I have public plans and secret plans. I am loving this!

So here is what is randomly rattling around in my brain this week.
Agility and Urgency in HR

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What’s the Best Way to Build Personal Expertise?

Most of my clients understand that their work future and long-term employability is tied to the quality of their expertise.  As a result many continuously work to build that expertise.  Although gaining new opportunities, working in stretch settings and working with cross-disciplinary peers offer fine ways to develop your expertise, those situations don’t always come on […]

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You should be grateful

Last week Laurie did a great post on dick moves in the workplace that I think we can all relate to. You spend enough time around different kinds of people, you’re bound to be the perpetrator or recipient of a dick move. Probably both. I know I have. Now, I don’t want to be a self hating HR person and all, but dude, sometimes we can be major jerks. About things that we should totally know how to behave better too. What can I say, it’s like a nurse who smokes.

Case in point, I was having coffee this morning with an old friend and he was telling me about his job. We got to talking about the initial job offer and he laid this little gem on me: The HR person negotiating the offer told him the salary they offered was quite good for someone his age.

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Are You an Employee Engagement Linchpin?

Indispensable. Rich Meyer has put together a wonderful slide presentation on linchpins and work. A linchpin in an organization is someone who is indispensable to the organization. Although Rich called it marketing linchpins the lessons apply very well to employee engagement.

Key points. Rich dedicated the slide presentation to Seth Godin. You can also take a lot away from Rich’s presentation, such as these points:

* become indispensable
* be a provocateur
* be original
* be fearless not reckless or feckless
* manage complexity, inspire staff,
* etc.

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False Security: Face Time With The Boss

I read this story today and shook my head.

The headline (More workers choosing fear over flex time, experts say) is designed for clicks. The amount of data supporting this assertion is nonexistent (there is literally not a single statistic cited about the decrease in flex time usage). The issue is presented in the boring way it is always presented: no data, a few interviews, and many experts.

We’ll have some fun though: let’s take the article at face value. Let’s assume this is happening and it is as widespread as the experts say. The problem is two pronged.

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