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Some companies say “Only employed may apply”

Have you seen the recent articles about the latest trend in heinous hiring practices? Some companies are telling their recruiters that the unemployed need not apply. What the heck?!? In one Texas employer’s job ad it said:  “Client will not consider or review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason.” A good friend of […]

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Hustle, Not Talent

I believe in hustle. Hustle to me is a state of mind. It is a combination of working hard and working quickly. You make mistakes quicker, you make adjustments quicker and you have success quicker. Not only that but once you find success, you sustain that success through continuing the cycle. Hustle doesn’t take a […]

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Top 10 Jobs that will (most likely and least likely) Be Outsourced

Nancy Folbre is an economic professor at the University of Massachusetts and by all-accounts, she is one smart cookie. Case in point, she did a report on “The Polarization of Job Opportunities in the US Labor Market” that said (among other things) that “Employment growth is ‘polarizing’ into relatively high-skill, high-wage jobs and low-skill, low-wage […]

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My handwriting sucks

Now, proper old school job hunting etiquette tells us that you need to send a handwritten thank you note after an interview. Break out the stationery and your best cursive because an email just won’t do. It’s an important difference. Why? Well, it’s a professional gesture with a personal touch. Also, very few people send […]

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How many HR Managers does it take to change a lightbulb?

That is a lot of hats, even with a staff of 5, and they didn’t mention a lot of the other hats this type of job typically wears. You know the others – compensation, training, communications, local charity liaison, party planner, confidante, OD, security, and the rest, whatever they might be.

How many hats can the average HR generalist wear competently?

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5 Employee Engagement Tips: Inside the Mind of a CEO

Employee Engagement: Think Like a CEO.

Corner Office is a feature by Adam Bryant in the Sunday Business section of The New York Times. His interviews offer highlights from conversations about leadership and management. I believe his interviews offer terrific insight into the CEO’s perspective on leadership, management and employee engagement.

His most recent interview was with Barbara J. Krusiek, CEO of the Calvert Group on Career Ladder? It’s Time for a New Metaphor.

I encourage you to read the article but here are a few of Barbara’s engaging thoughts on building a team, working with peers, obstacle courses, and community focus:

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Interview Fears

Easily the most intimidating aspect of job hunting, there are a lot of rational and irrational things to be afraid of when it comes to interviews. There you are, about to meet with people whose opinion of you directly impacts your future and financial stability. Is it any big surprise that interviews make you feel […]

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Locus of Control

I have a confession to make; I have a high internal locus of control. What does that mean? Basically, it means that I believe that events result in ways that are mostly due to my own efforts (or lack thereof). Obviously, the opposite end of the continuum is having an external locus of control where […]

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