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NLRB heading towards micro union, minority unions?

How many union contracts are too many? When the employees at a company are represented by a union, one of the first objectives management pursues is to seek a satisfactory collective bargaining agreement covering most of the employees.  This is important for a number of reason, not the least of which is efficiency.  Having a […]

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C’mon HR, don’t be like the Yellow Pages

Image via Wikipedia Message and Medium Matter This post by Trish McFarlane reminded of this piece I wrote a couple of years ago.  I liked it back then, and still like it today.  Maybe you will too! One of the more irritating things about living in an apartment complex are the constant attempts at outreach […]

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On being influential

Brazell dismissed the entire concept of personal branding, held by so many as the Holy Grail of success in social media. According to Brazell, it is far more important to develop a sphere of influence by helping people, and providing useful helpful information that builds your credibility slowly over time. Branding alone will not be successful in the long term.

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How many HR Managers does it take to change a lightbulb?

That is a lot of hats, even with a staff of 5, and they didn’t mention a lot of the other hats this type of job typically wears. You know the others – compensation, training, communications, local charity liaison, party planner, confidante, OD, security, and the rest, whatever they might be.

How many hats can the average HR generalist wear competently?

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Urgency, Agility, Fail Fast, and More Cowbell!

I have been kind of busy lately.

I have massive day job projects I am chasing. I am doing some consulting on the side. I have been all over the place in the new media space. I have public plans and secret plans. I am loving this!

So here is what is randomly rattling around in my brain this week.
Agility and Urgency in HR

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