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Your Thoughts: Twitter and Public Speaking

So imagine you’re at a conference and a speaker is just bombing it. Maybe they don’t know their audience. Maybe they aren’t covering the topic well. Maybe they aren’t being responsive. Whatever the reason, they suck. You also have a Twitter account and maybe a few hundred or few thousand followers. Do you say what […]

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Just Do Your Job

I love all of the discussion centered who should report to which department. Whether it is a HR department arguing they should be reporting to the CEO and they should have a seat at the table to recruiters arguing that they should be in any department except HR, it gives me a broad smile. Someone […]

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Simplify Everything

My buddy Chris Ferdinandi and I chat throughout the day about what’s going in HR, social media and the world. Now I don’t know about anybody else but I work from home. So I’ve got a crew of co-workers, colleagues and friends that I keep in touch with throughout the week. Chris is on that […]

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Hustle, Not Talent

I believe in hustle. Hustle to me is a state of mind. It is a combination of working hard and working quickly. You make mistakes quicker, you make adjustments quicker and you have success quicker. Not only that but once you find success, you sustain that success through continuing the cycle. Hustle doesn’t take a […]

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False Security: Face Time With The Boss

I read this story today and shook my head.

The headline (More workers choosing fear over flex time, experts say) is designed for clicks. The amount of data supporting this assertion is nonexistent (there is literally not a single statistic cited about the decrease in flex time usage). The issue is presented in the boring way it is always presented: no data, a few interviews, and many experts.

We’ll have some fun though: let’s take the article at face value. Let’s assume this is happening and it is as widespread as the experts say. The problem is two pronged.

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