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Employee Engagement: Universal Learning

Allow the world, right in front of you, to be your teacher at work and you dwell in a classroom the size of the universe. Where and how do you learn about employee engagement?  Can you learn from flowers and snow?  I believe they can. Read my latest LinkedIn employee engagement post by clicking on […]

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The Latest Employee Engagement News #17

ONE TIP – ONE RESOURCE – ONE TOON Again. It is easy to have our engagement with work or a task slip away. Perhaps our mind wanders or we get lost surfing the internet. Just say, “again” and renew your engagement. You may have many slips but you can always begin again. Read, The right […]

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A New Approach to Human Assessment

Back in March 2014, I read a fascinating interview of Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, by the Times writer, Adam Bryant. Nadella’s orientation was so unique and rhetorically fascinating that I decided there was enough information provided for a verbal analysis. Using psycho-rhetoric, a new tool that makes assessments possible, I posted the results on […]

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When Life Is Beyond Your Control

I regularly enjoy conversations with seven or eight friends, retired university faculty and social workers. Recently, I’ve become aware that at least three of them are profoundly alarmed by Trump and Trumpism. They talk about Trump incessantly and seem personally frightened by his actions. I’ve intended to tell them just to take a good stiff […]

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Converse Like a Professional, But. . . .

. . . expect to revisit, restructure and revalue the conversation. FYI: This is a response to a great number of interactions over more than thirty years of consulting. It grows out of two recurring questions: “How do I say that?” and”Can I say that?” They’ve been asked by entry-level employees and managers as well as senior […]

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"90% of Everything is Crap"

3 keys for telling an expert from an incompetent. In a recent post I vented my frustration over an incompetent who considered herself an expert on healthcare policy. Although I certainly don’t view myself an expert on healthcare policy, I know enough to know she was clueless. Yet there she was, talking like she had […]

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