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Career Zingers #23: Build a Nuanced Career

Nuance Matters The dictionary defines nuance as the ability to express delicate shadings (as of meaning, feeling, or value). Own your subtle differences in meaning, feeling, and value. When you encounter career advice don’t trust it, test it. Does the advice fit for you? Is it helpful? How might you tweak or alter the suggestion or advice […]

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Career Zingers #20: Tilt and Flip

In the game called your career, what puts you on tilt and how do you flip out of being tilted? To play pinball well we must know just how much we can shake the machine to alter the ball’s path in our favour without tilting the machine and ending the game, and we also want […]

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Career Zingers #19: Know Your Audience

Who is your audience? Carlos Santana Concert in Winnipeg (David Zinger, 2018) I recently attended a Carlos Santana concert in Winnipeg. I enjoyed the show but there would have been no show without the audience. You also would not have a career without others. You required parents to be brought into being and so many […]

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