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Deciding Whether to Buy a Book. . . .

Or, why I bought Yascha Mounk’s The People vs Democracy. If you have only so much time to read and you’re watching your pennies, how do you decide whether to buy a new book outside your area of expertise? One way to go at that is to check out who’s reviewing the book. You may […]

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Career Zingers #18: A Hopeful View of Hopelessness

Hope is in the future, experience resides in where we are right now. Hilton Head Beach (David Zinger, 2018) I encourage you to be hopeless. I am not talking about depression, anxiety, or dread about the future. You don’t have to abandon hope but I do encourage you to give more attention and awareness to […]

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Do Your Conversational Skills Need Upgrading?

More and more research is revealing that conversational skills can put you ahead of the game. Sure you need cognitive ability and emotional insight, but it’s the ability to converse well that’s tied to career success and even to innovative competence. For example, one study investigated implicit communication strategies on complex team tasks. The researchers […]

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