Archive | February, 2018

What the Kids Are Finding Out About Guns

As a result, partially because of years of horrible shootings in our country, much research has been completed on who governs. Who actually governs? Although there are hundreds of studies on this subject, the latest work is by Princeton and Northwestern scholars, political scientists and long-term experts on the issues. They work from a huge […]

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A Momentous View of Employee Engagement

Can you give me a moment? I believe that employee engagement is significant, enriching, enlivening, and real when we distill engagement into moments. The paradox is that moments strung together can create something momentous – very important: having great or lasting importance.  My definition of employee engagement is good work done well with others every day. We must […]

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The Lost Art of Thinking

On numerous occasions as a management consultant, I asked execs about how much time they took to think about process, innovation or strategy. Often, the response was that they didn’t have time to think. A couple said that they were paying me to do the thinking. A compliment, but very unwise. And I provided a […]

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