Employee Engagement: How to Make Someone’s Day

A personal experience with a small nudge for you to replicate this where you work.

I presented on employee engagement at the Employer Branding Summit in Sofia, Bulgaria last month. I had a wonderful day engaging with the participants and other speakers.

I was thrilled today to receive the following feedback from Nicole Georgieva of the To The Top Agency in Sofia. Nicole is the woman in the top left hand picture. Ralitsa Gencheva the woman in the center of the top right picture was the person who wrote the feedback and Georgi Georgiev, the conference host and organizer, is the gentleman in the top left hand picture.

David Zinger was our key speaker at the Employer Brand Summit conference which took place on 12th October 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. We were amazed by his professionalism, expertise, presentation skills and humanity. He was extremely well received by the Bulgarian audience – we gather feedback from each event and almost all participants who completed the feedback forms pointed him to be the speaker they liked the most and that made the greatest impact on the summit.

We faced absolutely no problems with him also on the organizational part – he is very disciplined, gave us all the resources that we needed in a timely manner and was so kind to shoot a promotional video before the event at our request. To The Top Agency will be delighted and is looking forward to working again with Mr Zinger and to have him here in Bulgaria again.

We highly recommend him!

This made my day and the key message I leave you with is to take time today to make someone’s day where you work by passing on your uplifting feedback about their work.

Knowing we are appreciated is the fuel and nourishment to keep us engaged for the long run.

David Zinger is a global work and employee engagement educator and speaker.

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