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The first duty of a revolutionist is to get away with it.  Abbie Hoffman

Consistently, Bret Stephens has knocked out some intriguing and illuminating opinion commentaries. Saturday’s post on The Trump Presidency: ‘No Guardrails,” is another of those not to miss. He ticks off today’s analogy to the lack of “guardrails,” quoting an article from the Wall Street Journal attempting to locate the source of the moral chaos that had engulfed America in 1993. The editorial response was that “Certain rules that for a long time had governed behavior also became devalued. Whatever else was going on here, we were repeatedly lowering the barriers of acceptable political and personal conduct.”

Stephens, an Israeli hawk and a conservative, is neither a political naif nor a prude. And the question he asks is how his Republican party members went the way of moral and political chaos. Like the 1960s Democrats, he argues that part of the problem is indebted to professors, politicians and journalistic commentators who said that the their actions were understandable and justifiable. 

Stephen’s article was initiated as a result of Scaramucci’s outburst of expletives. Stephens makes clear that, of itself, it is insignificant, but it also represents what this administration is and will continue to be–with “the blessing of an intellectual class that has done as much to betray honorable conservatism as the liberal intelligentsia of the sixties did to betray honorable liberalism.”

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