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Misunderstandings Can Be Very Good For You

There are few experiences that can drive learning more than misunderstandings with a business colleague. Misunderstandings happen all the time in organizations and in the best of relationships.  Actually, misunderstanding is more prevalent than understanding.  The reality is that consistently successful communication is especially abnormal in organizational settings.  And although the resulting emotions of embarrassment, threat, fear or […]

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Six Deep-Smart Accomplishments for Generations X and Y

In a recent column alluding to research revealing that ages 82 to 85 are among the happiest years of a person’s life, David Brooks takes issue with its “deterministic” emphasis. He’d rather think that people get better at living through effort, skill and mastery. I can’t agree more. So I intend to surface his six […]

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The Magic of Networks: Bigger Is Not Better!

It’s not about size, but about quality. Rob Cross often reminds us that it’s not what we know, but whom we know.  The fact is that those of us with top-drawer networks are dealing with a lot of magic.  As Cross writes in an HBR Blog, there’s a great deal of difference in networks.  Work […]

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