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Gossip Isn’t Just for the Tabloids

I’m not at all certain why gossip has acquired such a decidedly shady reputation. But before you send me off to Dante’s 8th Inferno, reserved solely for management and executive development consultants, let me explain my thinking. Two-thirds of all conversations, whether in business or otherwise, are about social relations. Most of which can be […]

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The Emperor’s Old Clothes: Hierarchy, Its Inevitability, and Usefulness?

“Matt,”a graduate from a top business school, joined Facebook, one of California’s innovative high-technology companies in Silicon Valley. He was told: We’re not political here. We’re young, cool, socially networked, hip, high-technology people focused on building great products. We’re family-friendly, we have few levels and less hierarchy. We hear that message a lot from today’s businesses […]

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How to Select a Great Non-Fiction Book

The one thing that nearly all my clients seem to remember about my coaching is that I’m book nuts. Just last week, I checked in with a former client and after updating each other on what was going on, his next question was “so what are you reading and recommending now?” I suggested just one […]

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