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Real-World Examples: FMLA with Children 18 and Above

Yesterday’s Advisor offered guidelines for the tricky territory of FMLA leave for children 18 and older. Today, concrete examples from the DOL of how this plays out, plus an introduction to FMLA Complete Compliance. My 20-year-old daughter has been put on bed rest because of her high-risk pregnancy. I am the only one available to […]

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Carol Dweck on Learning to Fulfill Your Potential

Carol Dweck’s diagram contrasts the “fixed-mindset” with the “growth-mindset.” Those with a “growth mindset” recognize that struggles can be overcome with “effort, strategy and good instruction.” A description of her eureka moment, the basic research, how others have grown and how you can use her insights, follows the diagram.    Stanford’s Carol Dweck has spent […]

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