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Outside the Mainstream

To a significant degree much creative and innovative thinking is a rejection of conventional knowledge. Indeed, a strategic orientation to creativity may target conventional wisdom as a fundamental tactic. Outside the Mainstream will regularly bring articles, columns and research that challenges the conventional. Adam Grant, 5 Myths About Introverts and Extraverts at Work Get ready […]

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Exit Interview Mini-Guide By Robert Bacal

If you are NOT doing exit interviews for staff who are leaving, you are missing out on a wealth of important information about how you can improve your company. While this article is written primarily for managers, HR folks will find it useful in both justifying the time it takes do do exist interviews, and the questions and information you should be using and soliciting. It appeared originally at:

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Employee Engagement Resides in the White Space of Work

Engage employees by encouraging them to enter the white space of work (Reading time = 1 minute, 15 seconds)    The white space on a page is the part of the page without print or images. The white space in an organization is the part without specifically designed tasks, performance, and work. There is tremendous […]

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