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Before You Bring In A Motivational Speaker…Consider Possible Harm.

In the past I’ve suggested that most motivational speakers cost good money and achieve nothing more than very temporary increases in “motivation” and morale. That’s a best case scenario. The poor ones don’t achieve anything at all. There’s another question though. Can motivational speakers cause harm to individuals and organizations? The answer is a resounding […]

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Robert Reich on David Brooks’ Utter Ignorance About Inequality

In my last blog, I wrote about David Brooks’ article on “The Inequality Problem.” If you read it closely, you noted that I clarified the terminology of “framing” and suggested that the research is highly conflicted. Brooks argued those issues but in typical fashion limits his discussion to the two. Now, here’s the real substance […]

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David Brooks and the Inequality Problem

In a recent opinion article, David Brooks brilliantly untangled the issues in the widespread discussion of inequality, arguing that much of the debate misses the point. The terminology and research are not nearly as well understood as Brooks assumes. This is a very important issue for the voting public. Yet a great deal of basic […]

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