The Employee Engagement Awards for 2013

First Annual Employee Engagement Awards

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The 7 Awards Winners – 2013 

From the 6200 Member Employee Engagement Network


Here are the 7 award winners in employee engagement for 2013 as chosen by the Employee Engagement Network. Each winner will receive a certificate, a 2013 Canadian coin prize, and a copy of People Artistry at Work: The Ennoblement Imperative by Peter W. Hart and David Zinger. 

Best Engagement Organization 2013: Engage for Success, UK

This employee engagement movement has spread across the UK to put employee engagement firmly into consciousness and action for a broad spectrum of companies and organizations across the UK. They have created a wonderful site full of resources, research, and current information. David MacLeod and Nita Clarke who lead the charge on engagement received the OBE in late 2013.



Best Engagement Book 2013: Catherine Truss, Rick Delbridge, Kerstin Alfes, Amanda Shantz, and Emma Soane (editors) Employee Engagement in Theory and Practice. Publisher – Routledge.

This engagement textbook should be required reading not just for HR students but for all practitioners and people involved in engagement. The editors have compiled an eclectic and informative mix of articles on engagement. The strong academic underpinnings of the book offer the reader research based conclusions and many important questions to consider.



Best Classic Engagement Book: Richard Axelrod, Terms of Engagement, Publisher – Berrett-Koehler.

Richard Axelrod offers connected ways of leading and changing organizations based on really engaging employees in the process of change through collective dialogue and interaction. This second edition of the book is rich with an engaging approach and fused with practical steps to create change through engaged connections.



Best Engagement Blog Post 2013: Doug Shaw, We are better together

Doug Shaw writes with passion, art, and presence. He offers a personal and unique voice on engagement and has been spreading his message from the UK and Europe into North America. Doug’s post, We are Better Together, was written in September of 2013. It was an informative and engaging post on connection and creativity supported with additional resources.



Best Engagement Video 2013: Leavesmarter, Marshall Goldsmith, Two minutes on the missing element of engagement.

This video is only two minutes in length yet offers a fine perspective from Marshall Goldsmith on the employee role in engagement. Marshall Goldsmith has mojo and offers true gold for our workplace. He approaches his work with authenticity and humility fused with very practical suggestions and approaches.



Exceptional Engagement Network Contributor 2013: Robert Morris

Robert has been indefatigable in contributing great information on management, leadership, and the workplace. Robert offers the engagement network multiple new posts every week with the most current knowledge from books, blogs, and other management and leadership resources.



Special Engagement Recognition Award 2013 – Juice Inc.

Juice made an outstanding contribution to initiating and fostering knowledge partnership for employee engagement. They are the premiere knowledge partner of the employee engagement network and support the ongoing development and growth of the network. Their contributions have ranged from recruiting new members, posting insightful blog posts, offering lightning lessons and creating one a new 50-work engagement case study. Because of Juice’s support the network will be moving forward into being a top education and recognition site for engagement in 2014.



About the Employee Engagement Network

The Employee Engagement Network started 6 years ago in Winnipeg, Canada and has grown to over 6200 members around the globe. Resources on the network included a dozen free eBooks on engagement, five case studies, 580 videos, 4000 blog posts, 600 forums, and a brand new cartoon on work each week. To engage means to keep moving. The network will be shifting in 2014 to a stronger education and recognition resource for all things involving employee and work engagement.



David Zinger is a Canadian employee engagement speaker and expert. He founded and hosts the 6200 member Employee Engagement Network. In 2014, the plan is to move the network to a strong source of recognition for engagement and contribution at work as well as a socio-educational resource for everyone interested in engagement.

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