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Employee Engagement Friday Factoid #25: Knowledge Workers

Is your knowledge working? Knowledge workers have driven more than 70% of the economic growth in the United States over the past three decades. ( Oracle Business Impact of Talent Intelligence) Commentary We work in the age of knowledge workers. Are you tapping into your workers’ knowledge to assess, improve, and enhance engagement? I encourage […]

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Karma in the C-Suite: What Goes Around …

Do you believe in karma? Do you think a person brings upon himself inevitable results, whether they are good or bad? Does what goes around come around? These are some questions business and leadership blogger Dan Oswald ponders. Oswald, CEO of BLR, offered his thoughts on karma and leadership in a recent edition of The […]

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A New Strategy for Predicting Work and Career Success

Predictions of success have always had a lot of cachet. Indeed, as a management consultant on numerous occasions my clients asked me to interview a team member for the sole reason of predicting success. It was usually framed as “How ambitious is this guy?” “Do you think she’s a quick study?” “What do you think […]

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