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Managing Bosses, Be They Remarkable, Toxic or Perilous

Job satisfaction begins and ends with the boss, says executive coach Dr. Karol Wasylyshyn, author of Behind the Executive Door: Unexpected Lessons for Managing Your Boss and Your Career. To make the boss/you relationship work, first determine whether you have a Remarkable, Toxic or Perilous boss. Wasylyshyn. a licensed psychologist and executive advisor, is founder […]

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Outlook for 2012—The Wage/Hour Hot Spots

What’s in store as we begin 2012? Robust agencies with more aggressive tactics, says attorney Charles Plumb, but you can prepare yourself to fend off the worst of it. Plumb, a partner with McAfee and Taft in Tulsa, Oklahoma, made his remarks at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium in Las Vegas. He was joined by […]

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Obliterate Your Performance Appraisals in 2012

In seeking some synonyms for the words destroy, kill, and annihilate, the one I liked best for this post is obliterate. Obliterate: to destroy utterly; wipe out; to remove from existence, without leaving a trace. For a moment, think about that definition in connection with your annual performance reviews. Go ahead: obliterate them. It just […]

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