Archive | November, 2011

Big Is Beautiful

Small business may be beautiful, but it’s neither productive nor prosperous. I’ve been suspicious for years about the hullabaloo from both Republicans and Democrats that small businesses are the drivers of the economy. It has crossed my mind on numerous occasions that this is merely a political calculation. There are hundreds of thousands of small […]

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The 10 Things Managers Must Do to Increase Employee Engagement

Here are the 10 things managers must do if they want to  increase employee engagement. Achieve Results Results. Engagement is more than a feeling, survey number, or a YouTube happy dance. We engage in actions directed towards results. The first key to consider when acting to increase employee  engagement is what results are you working to achieve […]

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Politics, The Internet and Work

My friend Jeremy and I chat every day on instant messaging. It usually starts off with a link, sometimes sports or news, but every once in a while, it goes political. And sometimes we disagree on a political issue. It happens. And we go back and forth on it and there are often misunderstandings. Or […]

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