What Do I Know About Getting A Job?

Rich DeMatteo in cooperation with Brazen Careerist published an e-book called What I Know About Getting A Job (1.5 MB PDF).

It’s a good looking book, full of short but good takes from many of the folks on John Sumser’s top HR digital influencers list.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you’ll know the advice I give in the e-book isn’t any different than what you’ve seen here in the past. In fact, I checked it out and my answer is simply a variation of a post I did on the subject nearly two years ago about interview advice. I said then:

Answer their ultimate question at every point possible: how do you uniquely fill their need and meet/beat their expectations for the position?

I said in the e-book:

At every point in the job seeking process, understand, communicate and market yourself based on the value you will bring to the companies you want to work for.

A little less company centric but basically the same concept. If you understand what you do and how you bring value to organizations you work for, you hammer that every time you interact with people. When you network, when you’re putting together a resume, when you’re interviewing, when you talk to customers, clients and competitors… everything.

And it isn’t like this is easy. Or that I’ve figured this all out how to do this myself. But I’ve done better by focusing on what can I bring rather than trying to encompass everything I’ve ever done ever. That’s just a losing strategy.

I used to say I knew very little about getting a job. I knew what worked for me but I realized that many HR folks didn’t share my views on quite a few things. After two unexpected job losses in a year (and two total weeks of unemployment between them), maybe I know more about it than I thought.

Knowing something about yourself and not being apologetic about marketing yourself is key. Everything else is just details.

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