Are You an Employee Engagement Linchpin?

Employee Engagement Linchpin.

Indispensable. Rich Meyer has put together a wonderful slide presentation on linchpins and work.  A linchpin in an organization is someone who is indispensable to the organization. Although Rich called it marketing linchpins the lessons apply very well to employee engagement.

Key points. Rich dedicated the slide presentation to Seth Godin. You can also take a lot away from Rich’s presentation, such as these points:

  • become indispensable
  • be a provocateur
  • be original
  • be fearless not reckless or feckless
  • manage complexity, inspire staff,
  • etc.

Insert the pin. Go ahead and view the 37 slides now and get ready to not pull the pin but insert the pin to couple the organization and employees with customers and results:

[slideshare id=3630323&doc=wantedmarketinglinchpins-100403134735-phpapp02]

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