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Reading Minds: A Necessary Science, Not Fictional Magic

The other evening after listening to a neighbor talk about her family I asked whether she was “rules oriented.” I was certain she was, but I wanted to double-check my prediction. “Of course,” she said. “That’s the best way to raise kids. Aren’t you?” Amused by her shock at my negative answer, I was more […]

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Employee Engagement and Mindfulness

Take a mindful moment… Mindfulness enhance employee engagement. I have experimented and landed upon my ideal engagement zone or E-Zone: the optimal length of time that I can remain fully engaged. It is 12 minutes. To learn more about how to determine you engagement zone  visit my post on the E-Zone. I often string many 12 minute […]

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Employee Engagement: What’s Cooking?

I  recently  devoured Dan Charnas’ intriguing book, Work Clean: What Great Chefs Can Teach Us About Organizations. The book outlines the method of mise-en-place. Mise-en-place is a way of working, being focused and disciplined — many chefs believe it is a way of life. I enjoyed reading the book and could not help but think of the important lessons for all […]

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Is Money Wasted By Giving Kids a Taste of College?

The need for hard-to-find talent has some of America’s best companies getting involved in high school education. A former client, now senior executive at General Mills, nailed the problem. “If we don’t build relationships at high school level, another major firm (Target or Best Buy) will steal some of our best potential talent,” she said. […]

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Top Workplaces for Millennials

You’ll be very surprised to learn which firm is number one in the nation for the huge millennial generation. You might guess Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon or even Buzzfeed. They’re in the top ten, but none of the usual standbys are #1. Facebook is not even in the top 25. The National Society of High […]

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Employee Engagement: Disengagement as Self-Protection

Let’s view employee disengagement as self-protection. Larissa Thurlow sent me an image from Brene Brown’s book, Rising Strong. Larissa underlined one short sentence. We disengage to self-protect. I got to know Larissa when I was doing some work on employee engagement in Doha, Qatar for the College of the North Atlantic – Qatar. I appreciate her […]

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