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"90% of Everything is Crap"

3 keys for telling an expert from an incompetent. In a recent post I vented my frustration over an incompetent who considered herself an expert on healthcare policy. Although I certainly don’t view myself an expert on healthcare policy, I know enough to know she was clueless. Yet there she was, talking like she had […]

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Losing Faith in Expertise?

    We are moving toward a Google-fueled, Wikipedia-based collapse of any division between     professionals and laypeople. Tom Nichols, US Naval War College Tom Nichols’ engrossing study of how America lost faith in expertise–and why that’s a giant problem–is long overdue. On numerous occasions I’ve listened to one of the least informed persons in the […]

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WTF Is Conversation? (Part II)

We all talk: sometimes to particular persons; sometimes to anyone who will listen; and sometimes to ourselves when we can’t find anyone to listen. In this blog, however, we’re only interested in a certain kind of talk: conversation–and just conversation within the business context. Indeed, we believe business conversation, whether face-to-face, or in texts and […]

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Employee Engagement: Turn off the Fan

Sometimes, I feel like we in the employee engagement field resemble Don Quixote tilting at the windmills of surveys, levers, and drivers. I am a fan of Liana Fincek’s recent New Yorker cartoon with a new take on Don Quixote. How do you stop from “spinning you fan” in employee engagement? David Zinger is an […]

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A New Definition of Political Insanity

I’ve read Vanity Fair, complements of my eldest daughter, for years. When I pick it up at the apartment PO box, I usually turn the cover against my body, fearful that someone might see I’m reading a girly magazine. But she continues to send it, and I continue to skim it, looking for the three […]

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Employee Engagement: Stop being so Great

I like good engagement. I like good work. I like good people. Read my LinkedIN post on why good is so important for employee engagement.  David Zinger is an employee engagement expert and speaker who believes in the power of good for employee engagement.

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