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Politically Incorrect

My eldest daughter, like me, is “kinda proud of her alma mater. Actually, very proud.” Why? Her University of Chicago sent a note to incoming freshmen that they shouldn’t expect “safe places” at their school.  Here’s the verbatim from the dean of students at the University of Chicago, pushing back against recent college trends.  We […]

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Employee Engagement: Don’t Contract Into False Labour

A post Labour Day lament: Are you experiencing a labour of love? Are you in labour? Have you been labouring under the wrong impression? We celebrated Labour Day in Canada and Labor Day in the United States on September 5th., the first Monday of September. This was a day to celebrate and honour working people. I appreciate the […]

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No Yoda, But a Collage of Mentors (Part I: Leadership Success)

Question any leader or executive about their success and eventually they’ll tell you that their mentor played a big role. Today, however, there is no Jedi-Master Yoda, wise and powerful, taking on people and unlocking the paths to business immortality. The onus is now yours to find numerous mentors, build the relationships, learn from them, […]

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Reading Minds: A Necessary Science, Not Fictional Magic

The other evening after listening to a neighbor talk about her family I asked whether she was “rules oriented.” I was certain she was, but I wanted to double-check my prediction. “Of course,” she said. “That’s the best way to raise kids. Aren’t you?” Amused by her shock at my negative answer, I was more […]

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